Sports clips

Please find a selection of clips below. For a complete list of my clips, visit my profile at the Columbia Missourian.

Missouri opens men’s basketball season with 72-31 exhibition win over William Jewell | The Kansas City Star
The folks at the Star asked me to cover this exhibition for them when their regular beat writer was on another assignment. It was Kim Anderson’s first time leading the Tigers on the court. It was my first time covering a basketball game.

Alabama has the answers as Missouri drops SEC title game 42-13
For the second straight year, the Tigers made it to the SEC title game. For the second straight year, they lost to an SEC West squad from the state of Alabama. For the second straight year, Missouri gave up over 500 yards of offense. But the Tigers had a helluva third quarter…

Moving Missouri football from town to town — and soon Atlanta
Did you know the Tigers take a pee tent and “the Minions” on the road when they travel? Blew my mind too. Read about how Erich Heidolph and his staff prep, pack and move the team from one venue to the next. (And scroll down on this page to watch the video we made.)

Missouri football’s Marcus Murphy a ‘smooth’ superstar
Do-it-all offensive guru Marcus Murphy boosts the Tigers with touchdowns on kickoffs, punt returns, runs and receptions. But in high school, he left some scores on the fields. It pissed off his coaches…at first.

Whether lucky or good, Missouri football finds itself heading to Atlanta
Tigers coach Gary Pinkel has a card shark’s poker face, but even he couldn’t help but laugh when Georgia fell to Florida, paving the way for back-to-back division titles for Missouri. Yes, the Tigers had to win out to get to Atlanta, but some might say they just lucked out.

Michael Sam’s news draws support, annoyance and — some yawns
When Michael Sam announced he was gay, a lot of journalists converged on Columbia. They covered the story in different ways: How would the NFL react? Would Sam’s draft status be affected? How would history remember Sam’s announcement? What was missing from the coverage was how Columbia residents — outside of the university crowd — felt about Sam’s announcement, his lifestyle and his future.

Youth, momentum swing contribute to Battle football’s loss
Battle High School was brand new in 2013. Its inaugural football program enjoyed success early in the season … against smaller schools. Jackson High School visited Battle in early October; the larger school battered Battle, claiming the victory with a 35-point swing.

Lady of lifting Libby Cowgill ‘totally crushed it’ at strongman competition
Libby Cowgill lifted a 300-pound yoke and successfully walked it in competition. She’s 5-foot-2 and weighs 130 pounds. It was the first time she’d ever attempted the yoke walk. Ever. Enough said.



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